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Jenkins Law Office is a small, independent firm whose sole focus is the loyal and effective representation of you. The practice is balanced between cases that can be lengthy and emotionally intense and those which are relatively quick and straightforward. That balance ensures that all cases will be managed efficiently and effectively with only your interests in mind. Because the firm is small, phone calls and emails are returned promptly with no paraprofessional in the middle – your professional interactions will always be with an attorney who values your time and respects your needs. We understand that proactive, open communication is essential to representing and advocating for you. As part of the military community familiar with the strains of regular deployments, we understand and honor the special needs and challenges faced by military families. We value all of our clients and are committed to providing you personal and professional representation.

Small Business
I understand the difficulty of owning and operating a small business. I can answer the questions you have about entity formation all the way through to dissolution.

General Civil Litigation
I have handled many different civil litigation matters in both general district courts and circuit courts throughout Hampton Roads including collections, injunctions and contract disputes.

Traffic & Criminal
Did you know that in Virginia, with no aggravating circumstances, driving in excess of 80 mph or 20 mph or more in excess of the posted speed limit is reckless driving? I defend individuals in traffic court for speeding, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, along with traffic infractions.

Failure to Pay Child Support
Many individuals do not realize that you can be found in contempt for the failure to pay your ordered child support obligation. If you are in this situation, it may be beneficial for you to have an attorney by your side to ensure your payments were accurately applied, your arrears were appropriately calculated, and to negotiate on your behalf prior to appearing in court.

Domestic Relations
Domestic relations matters can be complex and extremely emotional for the parties and children involved. I help individuals navigate these waters by handling all matters of domestic relations including, but not limited to: separation and marital agreements, divorce, custody, visitation and spousal and child support.

Guardian ad litem
As a Guardian ad litem, I may be appointed by the court to represent children in custody/visitation disputes, divorces or abuse/neglect cases. If I am appointed, it is my job to complete an independent investigation of the case and recommend to the court what is in the best interest of the children.

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